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Members and their guests of the Young Services Club can enjoy the following weekly event calendar, or check out the Club’s upcoming entertainment:



Monday, Thursday and Friday at 10am - Off until further notice

Members Draws - Off until further notice

Thursday & Friday evening 6.30, 7.30 & 8.30pm, Sunday 12, 1, 2pm

Thursday Badge Draw (LTPS/19/36324) - $3,600 12th March

Friday Badge Draw (LTPS/19/36325) - $4,000 13th March

Sunday Badge Draw (LTPS/19/36326) - $1,100 15th March

Club Raffles Every Thursday, Friday, & Sunday Off until further notice

Community Raffles Off until further notice

Every Saturday night from 7pm

Texas Hold’em Poker Off until further notice

Wednesday night from 7pm - Cards Dealt 7.30pm Sharp Rego $30

Internal Sporting Clubs Off until further notice

Squash Monday & Thursday at 5:30pm Vogue Dancing Monday at 8:00pm Indoor Bowls Wednesday at 6:30pm Exercise Class Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:15am

Upcoming Entertainment Off until further notice

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